Brine is salt, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride in a liquid form. It has many different uses and applications as part of a proactive approach to controlling snow and ice on various types of surfaces including sidewalks and parking lots.

Brine Uses in Ice Management

Brine is used in two main ways for ice management. It can be sprayed onto pavement before a storm, which is called anti-icing, or it is sprayed onto rock salt as it is being applied, called pre-wetting.

  • Anti-Icing
    • When used in an anti-icing application, brine is applied just before a winter storm. It will then begin working as soon as the snow first falls, preventing snow and ice from bonding with the pavement. This will delay the accumulation of snow and ice.
  • Pre-Wetting
    • Brine can also be used for pre-wetting granular materials, which in turn increase their effectiveness. Salt pre-treated with brine adheres to the roadway better than dry materials. Pre-wetted materials also begin dissolving snowpack and ice faster than dry materials. Pre-wetting in this manner helps reduce the amount of rock salt needed.

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