Corrigan Environmental Solutions offers NutraSoft Pelletized Gypsum. Pelletized gypsum adds calcium and sulfates to the soil. It improves certain properties that are favorable for plant growth. In addition, gypsum helps dislodge sodium from the soil so that it leaches out.

Nutrasoft pellets are easy to apply using a rotary spreader, much like granular fertilizers. Gypsum can be applied at various rates depending upon the purpose of the application. Higher rates should be applied to decontaminate soil from harmful salts such as sodium or other ice melting agents. Our Nutrasoft pelletized Gypsum is available in 40 lb.. bags (70 bags / pallet) and there are 15 pallets (1050 bags) per truckload.

Corrigan Environmental Solutions has the knowledge and experience needed to ensure that your gypsum application meets your needs. Contact us today for details on application rates or for more information.