Liquid De-Icer Cost

Usage of Sulli Hot Brine™ and Sulli Eco Brine™ will save money both in the amount of material needed for coverage and in housekeeping/repair costs. Sulli Hot and Eco Brine™ adhere to the roadway better than dry materials. This reduces housekeeping costs by less tracking than granular products. Prewetting materials begins dissolving snowpack and ice faster than dry materials which effectively increases safety and in turn, reduces risk of accidents for travelling public. The quantity of materials can be reduced when prewetting, since fewer materials leave the roadway during spreading. Corrosion of equipment is minimized by spraying liquid brine with salt and the spinner. Damage to landscape and lawn areas is reduced in comparison to sodium damages.

Typical Anti-Icing Application Rates:

  • 1 gallon - Covers 1615 square feet
  • 26.9 gallons - Cover one acre
  • 40 to 60 gallons - Cover a one mile lane

Typical Deicing Application Rates:

  • 1 gallon - Covers 1200 square feet
  • 33.6 gallons - Cover one acre
  • 60 to 80 gallons - Cover a one mile lane

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