Metro Detroit businesses face critical salt shortage

Though our first snowfall is likely still months away, some businesses in the Metro Detroit area are already bracing for record-high salt prices. There's never been a better time to consider alternative snow & ice melters, like our CF7 liquid de-icer. Read the full news article on the salt shortage below:

Metro Detroit businesses face critical salt shortage

Residents could have to pay more when snow starts falling

By Paula Tutman - Reporter, Derick Hutchinson

WIXOM, Mich. - With Mother Nature refusing to turn down the heat, not many people are thinking about snow in Metro Detroit.

But some business owners in the area are already facing a winter weather challenge. It's a critical salt shortage that could cost residents more money when the snow is falling.

The time is now for landscapers to get their salt orders in, but there's a shortage in domestic mines.

Bells Landscaping in Wixom has been a family business for 40 years and has never seen such a dire salt forecast. The company has been working for months to secure the salt it needs to service banks, ballparks and homeowners.

Landscaping companies all over the nation have had to go overseas, paying exorbitant prices for transport, transportation and security for the trek across the globe.

Prices in the 2017-18 season were around $62 per ton. This year, the price is at $125 per ton. While municipalities should be OK, consumers will have to pay.

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