Our Brine vs Competitors

Corrigan Environmental Solutions prides itself on the commitment to its customers. We have done extensive chemical research and quality control to test the benefits of our Sulli Hot and Eco Brines™ in comparison to our competitors. We have partnered with experts in the field to assure that we provide best in class products and services.

Advantages & Benefits of Our Brine vs Competitors

  • Sulli™ brines can be used as anti- or de-icers. Most brines are only anti-icers.
  • Our brines require no mixing and little to no regular agitation.
  • Sulli™ brines contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium chlorides. Most other products contain only sodium chloride.
  • Sulli™ brines are clear in color with no offensive odor.
    • Also available in blue or green colors which do not track.
  • No floating sediments that can clog filters and spray nozzles.
  • Sulli Eco Brine™ is available in a 72%+ non corrosive formula.
  • 3 year minimum shelf life.

Corrigan Environmental Solutions is your source for high quality brine products. Contact us today to learn more benefits of our brine vs competitors.