Parking deck collapse in Downtown Detroit: 8 vehicles fall, no injuries

A parking structure in downtown Detroit partially collapsed last Thursday. Although there were no injuries, several cars were damaged.

Events such as this highlight the importance of using low-corrosive ice and snow melters. Traditional rock salt is highly corrosive to concrete and rebar, and will weaken the structural integrity of parking structures over time.

As such, parking structure managers should be sure to utilize a rock salt alternative such as CF7, which is low-corrosive and will better preserve the building materials of the structure.

- Corrigan Environmental Solutions

Parking deck collapse in Downtown Detroit: 8 vehicles fall, no injuries
Parking deck partially caves in at 1400 Woodbridge Street

By Derick Hutchinson

DETROIT - A section of a parking deck caved in Thursday in Downtown Detroit, causing eight vehicles to fall, according to the facility director at Matrix Human Services.

Video shows the top floor of a parking deck at 1400 Woodbridge Street has partially collapsed. It's near the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Rivard Street.

Officials said there were no injuries. Eight vehicles fell through the hole, and another is hanging slightly over the edge.

There's another level of parking beneath the section that collapsed, but no people or vehicles were on the lower level, officials said.

Here is a statement from the owners of 1400 Woodbridge:

"Owners of 1400 Woodbridge are thankful no one was injured today when a section of the parking facility caved, resulting in eight vehicles falling. The owners are now investigating the situation with building maintenance and working with insurance companies and adjusters. The upper and lower parking lots remain closed at this time for safety reasons. The cars will be towed and damaged will be assessed."

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