Snow & Ice Management

Corrigan Environmental Solutions is a leading supplier that provides a variety of snow & ice management services and products including consulting services, technical support, and liquid deicing tanks and systems. To ensure that our client's needs are met, we offer training seminars, evaluate your specific needs to determine the best solution, and employ highly skilled technicians who will assist you with your installation needs. In addition, we have partnered with equipment dealers to provide you with top of the line equipment.

We are Snow & Ice Management Industry Experts

Our team of snow & ice management experts have the knowledge and training needed to assist landlords and facility managers with all aspects of snow & ice management procedures. We will use our extensive knowledge of the industry to help guide you through the maze of snow & ice management products available to create a deicing strategy that will make sure that your pathways, driveways, entryways, decks, structures, and parking lots are safe in case of any inclement weather.

Snow & Ice Management Best Practices

If you are a facility, such as a college or university, we can help you learn and implement the best practices, industry standards, and regulations for liquid deicing. Based on these best practices, we can assist you in selecting the proper products and utilizing recommended methods of use. This will reduce your product cost, maintenance cost, and finally, repair costs.

We are your single snow & ice management resource, whether you are looking for an equipment dealer or a brine applicator. Contact us today to learn more about our snow & ice management solutions.