Sulli Eco Brine

Sulli Eco Brine™ is also a Corrigan Environmental Solutions exclusive product. It gives you all the benefits of the Sulli Hot Brine™ with the added advantage of being environmentally friendly. Sulli Eco Brine™ comes in two colors: blue and green. The dyes used in Sulli Eco Brine™ are non-tracking. It uses an exclusive corrosion inhibitor not available with our competitors.

Features and Benefits of Sulli Eco Brine™

  • Environmentally Friendly - Over 84% less-corrosive than salt.
  • Reduce Housekeeping Costs -Causes less tracking than granular products.
  • Reapplication Lessened - Calcium Chloride in Sulli Eco Brine™ prevents refreezing, reducing the amount of product wasted on reapplication.
  • Prevents Landscape and Lawn Damage - Less tracking into lawn areas, reduces costly lawn renovations in spring from sodium damage.
  • Fast Acting - Liquid formulation works on contact.

Facts About Sulli Eco Brine™

  • Sulli Eco Brine™ readily adheres to the roadway better than with dry materials
  • Pre-wetted materials begin dissolving snowpack and ice faster than dry materials
  • The quantity of materials can be reduced when pre-wetted, since less material leave the roadway during spreading
  • Corrosion of equipment is minimized by spraying liquid brine with salt and the spinner
  • Operations report quicker melting with the pre-wetting process, which means better service to the traveling public

Sulli Eco Brine™'s benefits make it the clear choice for ice and snow management. Contact us today to learn how Sulli Eco Brine™ can meet your snow and ice control needs.