Sulli Structure Saver

Corrigan structure saverOne of the largest downsides to salt as a de-icer is that it compromises the structural integrity of freeway overpasses and parking structures. Sulli Structure Saver is a non-chloride de-icing alternative that is significantly less corrosive, preventing costly structural damage.

Benefits of Sulli Structure Saver

Corrigan structure saver

  • 85% less corrosive than salt
  • Lower melting point than salt (-7°F)
  • Seals concrete to prevent rebar corrosion
  • Reduces general maintenance
  • Extends the life of concrete
  • Can be used to prevent snow/ice bonding

Concrete damage can be catastrophic at a parking structure. Sulli Structure Saver helps you effectively manage snow and ice at your location while avoiding disasters and costly damages. Whether you need a pre-treatment to prevent bonding or want to apply Sulli Structure Saver afterwards to melt snow, this liquid deicer will handle the job.

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