Wiping Cloths & Rags

Corrigan Environmental Solutions offers a variety of wiping cloths in 75 lb.. patented octagon boxes. These boxes allow for continued usage while providing a neat and clean storage. 25 lb.. and 50 lb.. boxes are also available upon request.

Processed T-Shirt Wiping Cloths

  • Colored Polo T-shirts are lightweight colored cotton cloth ideal for general purpose shop use.
  • White T-shirts can be used around paints and dyes where bleeding of colored cloth may be an issue.

Processed Sweatshirt Wiping Cloths

  • Colored fleece is heavy weight cotton cloth for general purpose shop use.

Processed Huck Toweling Wiping Cloths

  • Blue surgical towels are heavy weight wiping cloths with sewn edges.

Whatever your wiping cloth need, Corrigan Environmental Solutions has your solution. Contact us today to learn more.